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Let’s join together to help make PEACE in the world of our CHILDREN!

Building Better Families is seeking contributors to support our efforts to offer Crisis Recovery Donations for our ANGEL of PEACE (Angel Bear) Initiative to issue to children ages 3 to 12 years old. Our Crisis Recovery ANGEL of PEACE (Angel Bear) donations are designed to send a spirit of peace to children who may be facing fear and hopelessness due to the traumatic experiences of homelessness transitions and/or silent trauma related to a Hurricane OR Fire disasters.

Angel of Peace From the Storm

Angel Bear Crisis Recovery Initiative

Recovery Initative

The Angel Bear Crisis Recovery Initiative will help children that experience fear due to the horrendous crisis gripping our nation right now. 

Relief Mechanism

Children do not understand how to handle or react to fear. This initiative will offer them a release mechanism to help calm them. 

God Knows What They Feel

This Initiative will help children to feel that they are not alone and reminds them that God knows what they are feeling and has a Angel there for them to hold on to.

Bringing Comfort

The Initiative brings comfort to the hearts and mind of children who experience flooding, hurricane,, fires and other natural disasters that take a tole on all involved.

But Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for to such belongeth the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 19:14

The birth of the vision of angel of peace


One week after Hurricane Laura, Dr. Sandy Murphy asked God how she could be of help to the survivors of the Hurricane. After great thought about how the support is always huge for the survivors with contributions of food, clothes, medical care, and even counseling, God inspired her through a vision to see how the children were silently suffering in fear during the hurricane and afterwards as they transition to safety from the natural disaster. She was led to seek out an Angel Bear. She prayed and asked God to help her locate a stuffed Bear Angel that she could offer to children who were survivors from the hurricane or fire crisis/disasters.

She located the Angel Bear and she prayed that God would inspire others to donate 1 or more Angel of Peace to help meet her vision to donate 1,000 Angel of Peace Bears to children in Houston Texas, Port Authur, Texas, Orange Texas, and Louisiana. Dr. Murphy believes that the Angel of Peace will be a tangible touch of peace to a child in a crisis of any kind. Will you please help us send an Angel of Peace to a child who might be in silent fear today?




The first delivery is to the Star of Hope for Children in Crisis

about building better families, inc.

We're dedicated to becoming part of the solution to building better families and safe communities; “one family, one community, one day at a time” Our goal is to provide flexible, professional, cost-effective, therapeutic outpatient care and effective educational community development, workplace, faith-based, social service courses that will deliver a wide range of counseling intervention/prevention programs to serve diverse cultures. Our service mission is to IMPACT CHANGE in the lives of every person we come in contact with.

Building Better Families offers crisis/violence intervention/prevention counseling services, community wellness education and advocacy services provider. Building Better Families outreach services is a outreach branch of Fair Care Center Inc. which is a (501(c)(3) non-profit organization, community-based in Humble Texas. Since its conception in 1990, we have been offering counseling, mentoring, drug/alcohol, tobacco, crime, and violence prevention education, court ordered deferred adjudication counseling, safe outdoors recreational events, and social services to latch-key children, youth, teens, adults, and families from all ethnical, socio-economic, and faith backgrounds. Over our tenure of community outreach services, we have provided safe community events, environmental care, and crisis/violence prevention education opportunities to students and their families to increase their knowledge about diverse cultural sensitivity and special needs resources.

We are requesting YOUR CONTRIBUTION with our ANGEL of PEACE (Angel Bear) Crisis Recovery Initiative efforts for Homeless Shelters with children in HOUSTON TEXAS, PORT AUTHUR TEXAS, ORANGE TEXAS, and LOUISANA where families with children ages 3 to 12 years old reside due to crisis displacement.



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Building Better Families

Providing professional, cost-effective, therapeutic outpatient care and effective educational community development, workplace, faith-based, social service courses.

Counselor and Trainer

Nina Carter

Showing the youth the importance of acting in honor using survival skills and by the Grace of God and the Holy Spirit, not letting our youth's past become their present.

Nina's Ranch of Hope

Angel of Peace Ambassadors

Betty Bearington & Family Dr. Carolyn Berry
Dr. Cynthia Carter
Donna Carter BakerDr. Evangelist Alma Gills Dr. Pambler Porter
Dr. Pastor Alvin GillsPastor Bonnie WhitleyEvangelist Felicia Spaulding
Evangelist SaJuana ThorntonJenny FloresMiranda Flores
Dr. Donna WhitelowDr. Sonja LemonPastor Mark Mullins
Pastor Wendy MullinsProphet Lorraine JosephProphet Roderick Thornton
Evangelist Gwen WrightEvangelist Sarafia HallTaylor Nonchie
Dr. Cathy ComerEvangelist Jessie JeanDrs. Kevin & Lynn Burford
Jerrie BrownSharon HallEvangelist Rochelle Johnson-Smith
Evangelist Evelyn ClarkEvangelist Ethel and Emanuel DeasonEvangelist Pamela Allen

Important Information

All Donations are tax-deductible and a charity tax credit receipt will be provided upon request for donations applicable to Texas IRS Charity donations tax credit guidelines.

Dr. Sandy Murphy

Dr. Murphy is a survivor for God’s glory of incest, rape, and domestic violence. At age 18 her husband shot her in the face at close range with a twelve-gauge shotgun. She is the founder and Executive Director of Fair Care Center, Building Better Families Counseling & L.L.U. Training Services, Overseer of WHOLE-Family Lifelines Church; a Cyber Apostolic Para-Church branch of WHOLE-Family Healing & Deliverance Center.

She is Chancellor/Founder of Elect Lady Sons of Thunder School of Ministry & Mentoring Academy, Producer & Host of Dr. Keepin` It REAL Radio & Cyber TV Shows. She serves in the anointed election as an Apostle, and moves by the Holy Spirit in the gift of "inner-healing" for spiritually wounded and lost souls.

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